Michael Seifert

CEO & Founder, PublicSq.


Michael Seifert is the Founder, CEO, and President at PublicSq. and has made waves in the political and cultural landscape. He is an energetic, captivating, executive leader who pours his heart into his family, work, and community. Since PublicSq’s national launch in July of 2022, Michael has been a prominent figure in media, with appearances on influential shows like Tucker Carlson Tonight, Tim Pool’s TimCast, Steve Bannon’s War Room, Fox News at Night, Fox Business, Newsmax, Real America’s Voice, CNBC, and many more. He has also taken the stage as a featured speaker at notable events such as Turning Point USA’s AmericaFest, FRC Action’s Pray Vote Stand, the Texas Youth Summit, and CPAC, to name a few.

What sets Michael apart is his remarkable achievement of taking PublicSq. (NYSE: PSQH) public in July of 2023, a feat accomplished in just two short years since the company’s inception. This achievement solidifies Michael’s reputation as a visionary entrepreneur and dynamic leader in the tech industry.

At the impressive age of 28, Michael has been a thought leader in the areas of politics, culture, and business for many years, particularly as these topics intersect with technology. With a combined social media following of nearly 400,000, Michael consistently shares his relentless passion for Truth, Liberty, and conservative values with his patriotic following.

Before launching PublicSq, Michael hosted his own podcast, Refining Politics & Culture, where he fearlessly tackled challenging cultural topics from a conservative, Christian perspective. This demonstrated his commitment to fostering meaningful discussions on important issues.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Michael resides in West Palm Beach, Florida, with his loving wife, Sarah Gabel, and their precious daughter, Lily. His dedication to family, faith, and the principles he holds dear continue to shape his journey as a prominent figure in both the tech and political realms.